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  1. "Identifying the Radiation Belt Source Region by Data Assimiltion"
    Koller, J., Y. Chen, G.D. Reeves, R.H. Friedel, T.E. Cayton, J.A. Vrugt (2007)
    JGR, Vol. 112, A06244, doi:10.1029/2006JA012196
    download pdf | DOI 10.1029/2006JA012196

  2. "Radiation Belt Data Assimilation and Parameter Estimation"
    Koller, J., Friedel, R. H., Reeves, G. D (2006)
    Los Alamos Report LA-UR-05-6700
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  3. "Potential Vorticity Evolution of a Protoplanetary Disk with an Embedded Protoplanet"
    Li, Hui; Li, Shengtai; Koller, J. Wendroff, Burton B.; Liska, Richard; Orban, Chris M.; Liang, Edison P. T.; Lin, Douglas N. C. (2005)
    ApJ, 624, p. 1003-1009
    read abstract | DOI 10.1086/429367

  4. "Vortices in the Co-orbital Region of an Embedded Protoplanet"
    J. Koller, H. Li, D.N.C. Lin (2003)
    ApJ Letter, 596, p. L91-L94.
    download pdf

  5. "The Evolution of V4334 Sgr (Sakurai's object) in the Mid-Infrared"
    H.U. Käufl, J. Koller, F. Kerber (2003)
    A&A, 406, p. 981-985.
    download pdf

  6. "Modelling the Dust Shell of V4334 Sgr"
    S. Kimeswenger, J. Koller (2002)
    Ap&SS, 279, p. 149-157.
    download pdf

  7. "V4334 Sagittarii"
    H.U. Käufl, F. Kerber, J. Koller (2001)
    IAUC Circ., 7725, #3.
    read online

  8. "The Anomalous Infrared Emission of Abell 58"
    J. Koller, S. Kimeswenger (2001)
    ApJ, 559, p. 419-423.
    download pdf

  9. "Modeling the IR Spectra of Dust Shells around [WC] Stars"
    J. Koller, S. Kimeswenger (2001)
    AP&SS, 275, p. 121-130.
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  10. "New Identification of the Near Infrared Source in the "Born-Again" Planetary Nebula A58 (=V605 Aql)"
    S. Kimeswenger, J. Koller, S. Schmeja (2000)
    A&A, 360, p. 699-701.
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